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Support casters model ranks Fayi Jia League

Epic Games is pleased to announce the long-awaited update 29.1 intense MOBA title, Paragon, now living in the introduction repair, and an array of new card Fayi Deng field – join the already impressive roster of new character. We can say that today one of the best around the MOBA game, Paragon hopes to consolidate its incredibly impressive graphics, good characters and a variety of in-depth with today’s latest update, version .29.1 card system .

The Fey is a new support casters, focusing on energy injuries, growth and intelligence. Use bazaar Fahy natural forces entered the fray aimed to harass the enemy and weight control crowd control and AoE damage lane capacity.

The .29.1 update also brings the arrival of law in Iraq, Frostbloom custom look, and a new weekly card package, including rust breaker this week to pick a model community.

Rust breaker (Community Pick)
Silent indignation
Casting token
Many fixes and improvements put in place include the infinite loading screen PlayStation 4 regarding the error content in the full list of this patch, please check the following link to the official website of the hotfix.