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HITS160 million players Neverwinter for XBOX ONE

“How many people came with them?” he asked, pitching his voice louder than he really wished to in order to be heard over the drumming of the horse’s hooves as they headed back toward the city.

Chart Wednesday to continue with the secret number Studios launched a launch in early Xbox. These figures are great …… surprisingly larger than I expected. It is only a little over a month, from Neverwinter’s March 31 debut console free play MMORPG and has pulled more than 1.6 million players.

“As the first to enter the video game market, we are absolutely ecstatic to see the Xbox Neverwinter’s a success,” perfect Wei Di Huang, CEO of World Entertainment said. “We and our goal is to create an online game world, players want to play, and by fine-tuning their game experience, and the introduction of new content and extended version to support them.”

Microsoft also very pleased at the press conference. “As one of the first-generation Xbox games from our partners, in a perfect world entertainment company and secretive global shipments Studios, which is exciting to see Neverwinter achieve such early success,” Phil Spencer’s Xbox official said. “We are very pleased that the player has received this unique free-to-play MMORPG for Xbox One platform and look forward to participate in the development of new content.”

In order to keep the drive when, Neverwinter plans to launch a version of the Xbox game 5 free extensions (modules) on the end of the year. This will include the dragon tyranny and evil elements are already available on the PC.