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The New Class Valkyrie of Black Desert will Shows in New Patch


Black Desert just launched a new patch for their MMOPRG Black Desert, which will be released next month. The patch brings in new contents like hardcore party features, guild ranking system, life skills clothing and new character class Valkyrie. The details of Thanks Steparu are as follows.

The first one could be Phantom Black Spirits. It contends Hardcore Party Content and upon using a new skill from the Black Spirit, the players are able to make certain monsters enrage. And killing this monster rewards Black Seals that can be converted to items.

The next one is Guild Ranking System, which is a new system that will be increased featuring guild ranks, based on guild activity points.

And Next is Life Skills Clothing. Now gamers are able to make their own lifestyle uniforms that provide a boost in life and trade skills.

Players can also be enchanted for an increase in bonus stats for that life or trade skill.

Next is the Valkyrie 7th Playable Character. First of all is the Seventh New Playable Character. The Valkyrie is a Shield Offensive type, though it may go through significant changes like Beast Master and Blader.

In addition, the 100th day of Open Beta events host on March 26th. To celebrate this milestone, Destiny will host some kinds of event for both old and returning players. In the other news, the numbers of newly created Beast Master and Blader characters have reached over 400,000.