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New Rare Mount “Kitty” Coming in WOW 6.1 with Chopper Mount Clarified


Several days ago, we introduced that an extremely rare mount may be added in World of Warcraft 6.1, based on WOW official micro-blog. Few hours ago, Blizzard teased an upcoming mount on Twitter. Besides, Chauffered Chopper mount requires 35 heirlooms collected, rather than all.
new rare mount in wow 6.1
“Kitty” may be an extremely rare mounts available in wow

Over a week ago, WOW official micro-blog claimed that an extremely rare wow mount would be in World of Warcraft Draenor 6.1. It is like a lottery to get that mount. In Warlords of Draenor, a random portal will be open and every time, only one player can enter to claim it. Once he succeeds, the portal will never open in the next few days. It is pity that there was no any description or image about that rare mount. Until today, an image of some new mount was revealed.

However, there were no further details about it, but an image and a datamined placeholder showing it requires level 40 and Journeyman riding. It is just a surmise that this mount matches that extremely rare mount. But it is coming soon for sure. so buy wow power leveling to accelerate obtaining this mount.

Chauffered Chopper mount requires 35 heirlooms only

In the latest wow 6.1 PTR patch, it says that the Chauffered Chopper mount which is usable by lvl 1 players would require all heirlooms collected, but in reality Heirloom Hoarder is just for 35 to reward this mount. Blizzard has confirmed that 35 heirlooms are just required for the chopper.

For the less heirlooms required, it will be more and more people who crowd to obtain the chopper mount. What’s more, the unknown new mount is coming. It will be a fierce battle for mounts. So buy cheap wow gold with instant delivery in advance to be ready!