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The Focus War Happened in Eastern Plaguelands

The War of Light’s Hope Chapel

Offense (failure): the Scourge
Defender (victory): the Argent Dawn

If you explore the secret hidden in the chapel of underground, you will find that there are one thousand of bodies. All those bodies are the warriors died in the scourge invasion. The Lich King wants to convert those bodies into his soldiers. So he decided to send Kel’Thuzad to fight with Light’s Hope Chapel. At the beginning of the war, we can know that the argent dawn is weaker a lot than him. The argent dawn just has some Terran infantry and some other orc or night soldiers. The argent dawn is just a small organization splited from the scarlet crusade. However, the Scourge merciless launched attack them. At the time of the broken line, Darian freed his father’s soul with his own life. There are many other ghosts freed together with his father. Then those ghosts under the chapel were outraged. They launched a “clearing” to the Scourge. Instantly, all the Scourge soldiers were turning into dust. Unfortunately, Darian transformed into a death knight. WOW Gold is no longer hearing his father’s voice.

Darrowshire battle

Offense (vitory): Scourge
Defender (failure): Da Long residents

For the former ghost, we can only get information—there has been a bloody battle. Although the war has gone for many years, but Da Long has been still full of death and shadow. May all of us have met a girl called Pamela. When the undead legions slaughtered Da Long, she was just a child, knowing little. However, the dead god still deprived her of life. For the war, the incongruous choose silence or disappear. We just know this battle is the most blood one we have seen. The bloody has distorted them. Those murders constantly warned us “get out of here”. May this is what they want to do.