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The second part of who will be the BOSS in Next Version?

Sylvanas Windrunner
He was killed by Arthas, and then he was raised up to be an undead by Frostmourne. She got rid of the control of lick king and then established the Forsaken. This moment she had waited too long. The Forsaken is not as the same as the traditional tribes. Their goal is just waiting for revenge. This woman who has dare to confrontation with Arthas and can easily overcome dread lords will appear in front of the players.
From the moment of his birth, his life is doomed to be a tragedy. He was possessed by Sargeras when he was born. He had been into the Burning Legion and ravaged the whole Azeroth. At that time, his father sacrificed his life in order to save him. WOW Gold is pity that the final BOSS is the prince of Iresearch. The players have not seen Medivh. His magic is increasingly awakening in the blood. What’s more, the evil power from Sargeras gathered with his magic. He become the BOSS is just around the corner.
Dragon Class
After Titan created Azeroth, he has left five dragons to guard Azeroth. The black dragon rules the earth and dominates the underground world. The green dragon promises life. The bronze dragon keeps time. The blue dragon is responsible for protecting magic from being damaged. The red dragon is responsible for defending life. those five dragons have existed in ancient. However, they have different fates. Malygos and Neltharion have defeated by the players. But Blizzard has not stopped talking about dragon. Believed that there will be other dragons appear to front of the players.
The Ancient Gods
They are the indigenous of Azeroth. Before the Burning Legion came to Azeroth, they live in peace and free. From Harcar to C’Thun, from YoggSaron to Sub, nobody knows how many ancient gods in Azeroth. And Blizzard has not released, so let’s look forward to the ancient gods’ back.