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Where to start getting wow gold


Your daily activities that give you wow gold without you knowing that it’s a way of earning wow gold…
Unconsciously making wow gold
Most likely a wow player’s daily activities are questing (gathering and killing mobs), selling the looted items to NPC and crafting items to wow gold sell.

Along the way especially for newbies, there are several items that you’ll find wow gold selling for such as:
– gather the craft materials you’ll be getting on your way from your questing activity. Craft materials that you should keep your eyes on are for: Alchemists, Scribes, Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, etc.
For others are cooking and other crafts: cloth, skins, ores, herbs.
These materials may be “trash” to others but for some it’s “something” so there are wow players who are willing to pay for serious wow gold for them.
– Looting EVERYTHING from mobs such as weapons, miscellaneous and wow gold.
– Disenchant the items you’ll get from the mobs

Recommended gathering for making wow gold
There are several gathering skills that you may use in game for you to earn wow gold, however there are some that requires a lot of effort and that as some of them needs to be learned before being use.

Herbalism – this skill allows you to harvest or collect the herbs that you’ll be going across to whenever you roam around the map for leveling up your character and your combat skills. Gathering herbs are useful to the players who are focusing on their Alchemy and inscription profession. If you have another character in your wow account then you’ll be able to save up wow gold and just sell the excess collected herbs at the playerauctions house at a good price.