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Our Payments revenue in the second quarter performed right into guidance, Declining 1% annually due to lower volumes, Some clienteles and a very tough second quarter comp in 2013, Including some nonrecurring fees. We also secured long term contracts with a few of our largest traditional payment clients that provided for platform economics as their volumes continued to increase with us. For that reason, We have lowered our full year finances revenue guidance by $2 million, Which is resembled in our overall revenue range mentioned earlier. Even after these first half headwinds, The underlying gross transaction volume in our Payments business grew even larger, And we expect Payments revenue growth to elevate in the back half of 2014 at about 20%, And full year revenue rise in the mid teens.

Dirt slinging, Trash talking yellow writing is disgusting. They don think it fail in the least, But they tend to create videos with debatable titles to draw people in and then proceed to debunk it. The video Josh did where he dug over the order page and made every negative assumption he could was a big turn off. And today, In about hwith regard todsight, We see basically everything he was assuming developed into incorrect, With on account of the latest Ask Us Anything and various supportsite questions and chat screenshots.


I for one am happy for see a revenue model finally emerge for the gaming industry that at least begins to mirror a merited ROI and a sustained revenue stream. Gaming companies employ a high mortality rate. Whether they can sell huge numbers of each title(Often pursued by a regular stream of quality DLC), They can produce new titles, They lose staff from layoffs, Plus they eventually close their doors.

If we shoot”Analogue” To require”Power can vary from 0 to 15 by integers, Then redstone wire is quite analog and it’s been pretty easy to describe its qualities alongside components which can only be on or off. I don’t think it will be difficult to add in descriptions of the new components into the current structure.

Our focus in the other half of the year will be adding more Comverse focused systems integrators to our network. We plan to extend our services ability through these partners to offer our clients easier ways to design world class user experiences and implement complex commerce and Payments integrations. Building a strong network of systems plug-in partners is core to our strategic growth plan, Enabling us to leverage their scale and commerce integration expertise to help grow our clients web business more quickly.